17 Mar 2012

Vaiva's Texturing Progress: The Head

Friday I have started texturing Vaiva. The head was challenging in that every storke was either working or not. Head's texturing so far is purely a colour map, meaning surface shaders are not yet created. It is a common aproach I take, after work placement in picassopictures, where purely colour map had to look as if it had many layering to it. So  I move  to creating surface shaders only after thecolour pass looks as good as possible.

Original Concept:

What I found extremely helpful was James Gorney's face colour zone scheme:

 I've looked at some eye shading tutorials. It went through a detailed process in photoshop and maya. 

The rest of the body as well as surface shaders ,  I suppose,  will come along over next week :]


  1. This is looking so good Yola :D

  2. (:D I'm getting excited myself, thanks Andi! :]

  3. Looking awesome Jolanta, can't wait to see her animated.

  4. :D :D :D She's looking SO rich and imperious! Very excited now....

  5. WOW!!! O_o bloody hell this is amazing!!