15 Mar 2012

Details and Finessing of Vaiva's Model

Monday onwards, I was defining the character to its details. I have added amber chest, interior of the mouth, chicken feather part of the dress.

I have resolved body parts which needed great detail: chicken like feets, hair and face. 

In Mudbox I've created high rez meshes and imported those back to maya to extract normal maps.

Not without a reason many sculptors noted that essential mesh doesn't take too Long to build up, but the fine detail takes 10 times longer.But modelling, I believe is now finished and I'll  work now on texturing (!)


  1. WOW! :) She's looking fabulous, JJ! Can't wait to see her come to life!

  2. The chiseled look gives me Art Deco vibes. Great stuff.

  3. Beyond my expectations :D Great so far!

  4. ((:D cheers, this is being a massive boost! (:]