17 Jun 2011

Rendering in (slow) Progress

Mid point of the  week I was over with animating and synching up the environments and thought,  now it's JUST to render... 3 days and it  barely gave me anything. Nothing would render. I can't describe how frustrating it feels to be a step away of finishing and then, for some out of air reasons , not be able to. But , really, I believe  Alan helped with solving problems and after these few avaricious days it will  only be better... Also and what I found uplifting were to see the  render stills. They kind of motivate to keep on going and soon, taking the time needed, I'll be happy to have done it. Gladly for a radical change straight off computer screen I went and was a part of acrobats, permormers and musicians team in FUSE festival and just let it all go :] Fingers crossed, next week it will be a whole another story on the making of Ivan the Bird.


  1. Poor JJ! Just think of it as 'scar tissue' - tough skin that will endure even tougher knock-backs if/when they occur! Keep going!

  2. Good luck getting it done. It looks great so far :D even if it's not fully rendered ^^

  3. I'm actually better with this now . Thanks a lot :]