14 May 2011

Self Promotion: Litle Tiny Books

Yesterday I got my first set of printed ‘portfolios’, little 6 side booklets. I chose to publish some of the concept art, character designs and stills from animations emphasising the diversity in style and thinking. I tried creating a clear booklet for both, professionals as well as people who don’t have a clue about digital arts. I’m hoping to hand these out to people I’ll meet in upcoming summer when being part at various activities and while hitchhiking/couch surfing. the layout and organization can be seen here: JJ Jolanta Jasiulionyte Portfolio Leaflet


  1. Lovely, Jolanta - never be shy when having the opportunity to push yourself into the spotlight.... I am hoping to feature in this months staff ezine, still on the back of a photography competition I won way back! Any publicity is good publicity! :)

  2. cheers! I still feel slithly odd when handin one of these to somebody :/ But I know I shouldn't. Happy to hear good knews for you Jackie! (:D