9 May 2011

PicassoPictures, A Company Profile; Part 1:


PICASSO PICTURES is one of the UK’s leading independent animation production companies representing a diverse range of directing and design talents. It has a reputation for producing original and highly creative work. 

Therefore the research into company’s profile will be aiming to look into it’s talents, their outstanding directors, profiles. 
As Inga Johnson, a producer for PicassoPictures,  during the visit at UCA pointed out, the works Tokyoplastic's delivered is what studio is most proud of. The founders of Tokyoplastics are Sam Lanyon Jones, background in photography and Andrew Cope, industrial designer. 

Jaded Expression Magazine describes them: “Animation is at its most imaginative and original height. In the same vein as their imagination, there is no line drawn between the mediums of art that they work in”. One of significant examples would be the Drummachine, which won awards and achievements in film festivals all around the world, most notably the people's choice winner of best animation at the 2004 Sundance film festival

The animation evolved as a symbiosis between the music and the visuals, a composition of both animation and sound.

The other example is of MTV flower, an animated abstract structural growth:

MTV - Flower from tokyoplastic on Vimeo.

Other examples of their work iclude Nokia Pop vs DJ, Nokia Lips VS Mind Reader, Toyota Chase and others
More of profiles on creative crue are comming soon.

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