19 May 2011

Day Four at Picasso’s

First week is reaching its end and I’ve finished modeling and UV layout for 5 creature-characters.
With directors approval I’m moving into initial texturing.  So far it has bean a unit-deadline type of work regime, quite intense. So that’s all about work progress.

Apart from that today it was me and a freelance compositor, Shelley Renville, working together with some producers or boss of the company coming to us for one or another matter. In an environment not too crowded with people or hectically busy there was a true opportunity for me to talk to all of them and ask a bunch of questions.

Perhaps the most memorable was the “chat” with Inga Johnson, the producer, and Shelley. They shared stories about their creative career and in general university, it’s importance, also, what it means to be creative in commercial industry. It was just an open and honest chat.  I  feel less confusion. This was the true gold of the day.  

Also, as I’m partly a runner, I’ve got to do the shopping, some good old cleaning, take care of recycling and post deliveries  all for company’s good.


  1. Well done J.J. - Those kind of chats are gold dust.

  2. Cheers! :) Today was that kind of time, after few days I knew who to approach and when ( overly too serious face of a producer = no talking, in fact better no sound at all :D )