24 May 2011

7th day in Work Placement

 Today I’ve continued on texturing creatures.  Few sets of texturing are now waiting for director’s approval.  

Also, recently I’ve made one of the best art book buys , James Gurney’s Color and Light.  Initially the book aims to inform realist painters, but topics covered are universal: he explores lighting techniques, colour theories, visual perception and the science behind  all with resourceful illustrations. 

 I’ve  read it while on underground trains and little bits of knowledge and techniques didn’t long to find their place in practice.  I’m having it in front of me to reference theories of color wheel use, while  creating color palettes for creatures . The end results surprise myself. When looking back at designs I don’t think I would’ve come up with such solutions.


  1. Hi Jolanta

    I'm not sure if you follow James Gurney's blog already, but if not here is the link:


  2. Oh Yes, I am following, even thanked for the book itself :D

  3. Hey JJ what you are doing seems really cool! Are you going to have your name in the credits in the end?

  4. thanks! that's a good question :D I should ask him. Would be really epic if it did :D