10 Mar 2010

Workshops: What Supposed to be Manic Environment

(20 min.)

Today we had a visiting lecture with Suzie Kent. I enjoyed it very much, because it was a share of experience from someone who's just been in our place. Suzie shared her ways of creating as well as mistakes , what is a part of creative path I guess.

And the shown animation examples suggested alternative approach of animating, using environments etc.
( especially if there's a need to use environment if it doesn't help to tell the story)

SO here is what I have from today with all my running around :D


  1. I think haphazard architecture on the edge of a cliff is quite manic enough, great that you reworked and added colour too. Now the colours also imply a manic feel with a rather unsettling purple sky.

  2. Thanks Leo :D
    Some of other thumbnail sketches had more manic feel, but Suzie and me decided that this was just one of the interesting examples to draw, so i went for it :)