6 Mar 2010

Unit 5 : Animation.

I thing this unit will be very interesting, because I've 'desiphered' the words and I saw what I'll be researching for the next 5 weeks :D :D
So These are the two words I got and the definition... :D

The Lascivious Umbrella.

Lascivious definition:

sexually aroused; displaying excessive interest in sex


X-rated (pornographic)

Bawdy (vulgar, dirty)

Carnal (erotic, sensual)

Depraved (corrupt, immoral)


Fleshly (lecherous, desiring sex)

Horny (sexually arosed)

Hot (sexually excited)


Chaste (pure, incorrupt)

Decent (respectable, appropriate)



  1. Hey Jolanta,

    I'm happy you can see the funny side of your words... and how great that you're getting stuck in already when the dust has only just settled on your unit 4 marathon...

    However, in response to your random selection, how about these as a way of merging the idea of sexual arousal with umbrellas? :D




    Isn't it funny how 'random' makes 'inevitable' sometimes? Anyway - have fun! And remember, this unit - while asking you to continue to develop your sensitivity for telling stories - has an emphasis on 'performance' - i.e. the supremely difficult task of making a drawing 'act' ... less is going to be more...

  2. Yes I have to admit, few times I asked myself - why those words for me? :D
    But I see a nice combination of the two words as well. And I'm already amazed with the last project - how thre random words developed in to stories we saw :) What's gonna happen this time :D