12 Feb 2010

Moulin Rouge Storyboard

These time it's 39:21 - 39: 42 (21 sec.)
Just had a good time drawing it. This time it wasn't so shocking ( hoow maanny shots in a second!) , so I've just concentrated on the logic of the shooting.

There are very few complex camera movements which concentrate on the actions made by performers. It looks more like the action continuously pops on the viewer. You get a clue what happened (what actions actors were performing), from an afterimage that's left in your mind after few seconds digesting it.
But in the same time - I noticed, that even though the shot lasts only a split of second , and one might think nobody is going to get what actions are taking place , everything still is perfectly resolved ( the move of actors, poses etc.) and constructed 39:21 - 39: 42 (21 sec.)

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