8 Dec 2009

Film Review: The Repulsion (1965)

I read that the director of this film terrorised the main actress while she was acting. Terrorised her till she gave the acting he wanted.

And the film really was full of bad emotions, it’s even amazing, I never thought that film can make me feel so bad. Wow.

So what were the tools for it?
The director uses symbols to tell the story.
So the scene where Carole sees the exaggerated reflection of herself on a cattle, or the wall braking apart, etc. is used to tell the story but just in different language ( this time, the language if symbols).
So, to take for an instance, the same image on a cattle in the very beginning gave a clue about characters state of mind.

I have to admit, even though I was paying attention to the environment, I didn’t noticed that wall were of 90 degree. But was it necessary for us to notice it, maybe ‘it did its job’ by giving the tight feel of space.

I would need to return to this film to better investigate it, because its disturbing effect were continuously interfering with attempts to analyse it.

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