13 Nov 2009

The Usher's House

It still isn't finished. Just trying to figure out what would be the best way to present the image.


  1. hey jo! i love it!
    my interpretation is somewhat different. but i love this all the same. good job! :)

  2. Its looking good, coming along really nicely! ;)

  3. Hi J.J.

    that is a really nice concept, I think you have got your tones and colours sorted the dash of warmth around the door works really well, The distorted perspective and angels give the house an un-natural look that is spot on. I think it could use abit more tonal variation in the sky ... but even then just a smidgen..... If you translate refine the final piece without losing what you have got working then you are onto a winner.... ie. know when to stop and call it finished

  4. Ignore the word translate... been up since 5am

  5. Hi Jolanta,

    The distortion here is working well, though I do have my reservations regarding the colour palette; currently, I'm finding the scene rather too restful: soft blues and oyster pinks creating a sense of calm; I wonder if you need to add more melancholy to the image through more dramatic use of tone and shadow and slightly more 'sickly' spread of colour?

  6. The one thing I have really noticed while watching Phil's choices of movies is the use of murky greens more like a teal colouring, it makes me feel oppressed and anxious. However I love the prespective of the house and the fact you have posted so many at different stages of development.

  7. Hey Jon! Anxious to see your works! :D
    I will try to improve the image without actually spiling it.. :) I know it's sometimes hard to stop.
    I'm still not glad with that "buttery" brush strokes.. I am thinking to add textures (using brushes or the actual tectures)
    And about the colours, I thpought to play abit with unusual decidions - creepy washed out colours blank contrasts misty view as if theres inconcretness all around,because it's only easy to move to contrastic and harsh colours I think .