9 Nov 2009


I chose to analyse Coraline, because I admire this film very much, and it would be fun I guess for me to get a better and deeper understanding of "how it works" when talking about it's production.

Little unsettling comes, because this film is so interesting because of its production design, not so much of its plot, as I read in the Film reviews. SO the design is stronger than the plot, as I understood.
Should I choose something else?

I could than take "V for Vendetta".


  1. They'rer true, the reviews. Having watched the film, I wasn't too keen on the plot line myself. It seemed too rushed, but the animation is amazing.

  2. yes, to me the firs half of the film was very intresting, if about the plot. then it seemed repetetive. but the design.. and characters :)