9 Nov 2009

"Alien" (1979)


According to BBC Film reviewers The Alien is of the greatest sci-fi movies ever made and according to Times Staff Writer - Manohla Dargis, “Of all the monsters to go bump in the endless night of the movies, few have been as wonderfully frightening as the creature from "Alien." The designer for this film was H.R. Giger - a Swiss artist.

As I found in his own web page, He received the Academy Award for "Best Achievement for Visual Effects" for his designs of the film's creature and its otherworldly environment.

(Information source - H.R. GIGER'S FILM DESIGN BOOK, 1996
Introduction by RIDLEY SCOTT)

Giger wanted to design the creature form scratch. However, the director was so impressed with his already made characters in "Necronom IV" and "V" paintings form the "Necronomicon" book that he insisted Giger follow their form. They were quite specific to what the director (Ridley Scott) had envisioned for the film, particularly in the unique manner in which they conveyed both horror and beauty.

Giger’s works have always had a disturbing effect. The creatures he paints are reduced to the condition of monsters, the scenarios he depicts trivialized to the point where all they elicit is disgust.

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