28 Oct 2009

Life Drawing: week 6


  1. Jolanta - again, some beautiful drawings this week! So, it's the gothic world of Edgar Allan Poe for you? See:


    It's his short story, The Oval Portrait - yes, a link back to the themes and preoccupations of unit one! Also check out the illustrations by Harry Clarke for Poe's short stories - very nice! As you know by now, Jonny is also working from the Poe stories - and so is Ethan Shilling at http://aflockofpixels.blogspot.com/

    Spread the word re. Harry Clarke and I look forward to seeing your research gather pace over the next few days - and again, beautiful drawings! :-)

  2. As always,very usefull advice, thank You for that! And for the compliments :D

  3. E.A. Poe's "the Oval Portrait" some how reminded me O. Wild's "The portrait of Dorian Gray"
    A painter who caught the essence of the soul, the life itslef. Hmmm... :)