9 Mar 2016

GIJOE Inspired Vehicle Design (and many thanks!)

So I'm imagining  GIJOE inspired vehicle to defeat the evil Cobra organisation, that  has developed a secret base on mars. GIJOE must take the fight to Cobra and venture to the red planet. Cobra’s HQ is deep into the core of the Martian planet, GIJOE must be equipped to get to Cobra and must be well armed for the battle about to ensue. And this is my take on it ! :] 

The vehicle toy would be fully equipped with spinning drill to get to the core of Mars. It would have an abundance of dart launchers and disk launchers to defeat the cobra, of course!  The front... bonnet (?) would open to place the figurine inside too. Og, and all the rockets and squeeze launchers would flip or push-fit inside for the 'shielded' drilling mode :D 

And here is some 3D development too. Just blocking out the shapes and breaking up into sections for (possibly) further modeling) Tried to maintain angular , mean shapes (Thanks for the advice Rich and Marius ! ) Also, in keeping with scorpion theme, went for rather over-sized rear (thanks to my sister for suggestion!) 

As a little behind the scenes, I've considered some of the existing GIJOE toys as well as reference of vehicle design for films such as Armagedon, Martian. But more inspiration came thinking about what could fight cobra as an equal opponent. Scorpions and mongoose (Thanks Jono!) ! I went with scorpion :] (Thanks to FZD and Tom for cool work that I got inspired by too)

Personally, I felt like this little design challenge was something out of my comfort zone, as I've never designed a vehicle...modeled one, as a tutorial (thanks Alan! )  But it was fun. I was pleasantly surprised it did come together. And a lot is down to some good advice from a fair few people too , many thanks to them.

Thank you for stopping by x


  1. I LOVE the idea of JJ getting into vehicles! Is there nothing this young woman can't achieve? ;) X

  2. All too kind Phil ((:] thank sooo much ! I hope all is going well for you x

  3. Nice JJ! Not sure how I missed this when you posted it! Good shot. Vehicles are really tough. I don't know much about the GI Joe universe, but it seems pretty punchy in terms of weapon load out! Watch your perspective on the renders, and don't be afraid to draw over a rough 3D model. It can make life a lot easier! I'd love to see it in drilling mode! Does it transform?

  4. Ahh, thanks for popping over Tom ((:]
    What a great suggestion, drawing over the 3D models, I totally haven't thought of that! I will give this a go.
    Yes, It should transform to drilling mode, when all the guns flip over or push-fit in ,like a tank mode... You could say.
    So glad for you suggestion, I think I'll go back and do some drawing