17 Nov 2014

Smartphone Sound Booster

Carlsberg asked to come up with some cool products for their 'Born to be Chilled' campaign. Out of the range, I've worked on the sound amplifier design . We nick-named it The Slipper :D . There were other designs suggested, such as some cool faceted amplifiers, which I thought looked more cool... But oh well, I guess :]

Generally the product is compatible with most smart devices and does actually boost the sound :D I saw some colleagues around the building doing some little work , their phones playing loud music with the help of this little fella :]

The benefit of silicone material is that the sound bounces around a little bit softer  in the chamber. With hard plastic chamber the sound would have a really tight and sharp quality to it.

It was distributed in ASDA stores at the beginning of summer (sorry, I'm a bit late to share this  design here :/ ) .

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