7 Feb 2014

Munis, a RoboPup

 photo Puppy_robot_munis_giff_zpsc37def7d.gif

Recently I went to Spielwarenmesse a toy fair in Nuremberg.  I saw lots and lots of robot pets, they're definitely trending. Even the tamagotchi's making a return!  But one's I took a note of were, Teksta puppy and Zoomer pup, which won  the award for innovative toy. 

I thought I'd give it a go at designing a more articulated robot dog. And as for the name, it is given after my beloved dog Munis, who sadly passed away very recently.  It's in his image that I have based the character on: upbeat, bubbly and kiddy. Which he was to his very old days.  

P.S. a thanks goes to Tom for encouragement to revisit the design (:]


  1. Nice JJ. Good to see that someone is still drawing robots! Are you going to go into 3D?

  2. 3D you say? :D I might give it a go (:] Thanks Tom!