13 Feb 2014

Bicycle Boards

Cycling to work everyday made me  appreciate bicycles. I  find myself wondering about cycling in general. I suppose that's where the inspiration for this product comes from (and from here).

A though of a new type of ad boards, suited particularly to bicycle frames.  It could serve for advertisement carried out by individuals (cyclists) and not by fat agencies. And you would probably want to promote something meaningful and relevant to you, like social ads or self-promotion...


  1. Hi. Like the idea JJ (the picnic basket link too). As you say though it would be better as a non-corporate way to promote events etc. Plus if you added a dynamo and led's they'd light up a night as you rode around - The party bike. :)

  2. Hey Alan! So nice to hear from you! And whoa, what a brilliant idea! (:] Thanks for that!