1 Mar 2013

Animated Projections for Google's Annual Party

I was one in the crew of 7 animators to produce over 120 variations of animated visual projections for the annual Google's party in Barcelona! It is a shame , that I can't show nothing at all publicly ( available upon request though :D)

 It was a nice stretch for me, this project. Have totally left my comfort zones with Dynamics and ncloth simulations as well as some motion graphics! whoop!  .

 I was Happy to hear from the producers at Butch Auntie , that the event was more than just lively, with over 2000 party men and all the luscious vivid stuff we have produced all over the place at Razzmatazz venue!

One of the lead bands was Florence and the Machine. Here is what telegraph has to say about how it all went


  1. whoop whoop - 'one woman studio'! :D

  2. :D Thanks a lot! :D sometimes I need to be :D