3 Oct 2012

Evolved from Octopus : Air Pilot

As a follow up to previously uploaded sea creature paintings and studies, here is a character concept for the air pilot. the thought was to reimagine a human, who evolved from Octopus instead of chimpanzees. I used this little project to familiarise myself with male anatomy and muscles.

A bit about the logic behind it. I tried to introduce a bit of octopus anatomy to it. Much like an octopus, the pilot's scull is relatively flat. Jaw is wide and there is no high bridge between the eyes, instead the eyebrows take much thicker shapes . His arms and legs resemble octopus tentacles in that they have quite defined edging to it. The chest over all takes the a light bulb-kind of shape too.


  1. JJ I strongly feel that you lost a lot from the lineart when you coloured him in. The boldness and weight variety in the lines (especially around the lats, abdominals and calves areas) really shows off the anatomical side. :)

  2. cheers Ryan for a sincere coment ! (:] I think I agree, there is something not entirely satsfing about the end result, some said it was the relatively feminish pose. Or maybe simply the fact I don't draw males ever :/
    Anyway,thanks loads (;]