20 Aug 2012

Work on VFX for Viola Films webisodes 'Mechanical Me''

A fair while ago, must've been good three weeks ago, I was taken by Viola Films producers and asked to help out with some visual effects for their three web episodes "Mechanical Me" . Essentially my task was to develop aftereffects layouts, which later could be applied to many various shots.

This video quickly shows some effects I have developed and applied to shots :

Given the time restriction (1 week for one 10 min. episode) and general scale of the project, the effects, also other aspects such as props, costumes etc. had quality restrains to them. However, I was glad to explore some new fields to me, such as working with green screen. I have delivered something both producers, Sam Supple and Debra McGee, were happy with. Some other work included designing logos , etc.:


  1. Hi JJ,

    I saw these and wondered who did the VFX, I didn't see you credited, was that an oversight on my part or theirs, you just keep popping them out don't you :)

  2. Yeah, I see what you mean.. The producers however didn't credit teams who worked on it. It was mostly 18 year olds and all o them had their roles in it, ,such as directors, costume designers. No one got credited :D haha it was more like ans experience I suppose then :]