15 Aug 2012

Work Publication in Digital Arts’ Freshest Creatives Showcase


After a very successful New Designers show, here my work is published at Digital Arts Magazine, Freshest Creatives Showcase. I also want to congratulate my fellow Ruben Martins, who has a nice spot there too!
Being published at a best renowned magazine within the field means a lot for me as a junior artist and is a great confidence boost! A big thanks  for the magazine’s editors Johann Chan and Neil Bennet !

Some other brief appearances include few other places, such as 3D Artist Magazine and Laikas.lt :

Publication at 3D Artist Magazine
Publication at Laikas.lt


  1. Congrats, JJ - maybe you could contact the magazine and ask them for a pdf or png of your page? I know that previous featured students got a digital version for their blogs etc...

  2. I bought a digital copy from Zinio, bit of pain but that's how I got a clean image. The magazine might be kind to give you a digital version of the feature though!

  3. thank you for the advice! I wrote to editors and indeed they said they should've sent it to us :] so here updated the image :]

  4. Hey Jolanta, Congratulations on your publications in the digital arts magazine, You have a very interesting style and i love it! I also notice you dropped by my blog, and i really appreciate your compliments! and of course i remember you,regardless of the fancy tights,your a pretty cool girl i must say ;)

    we'll definitely keep in touch!