20 May 2012

The Art of The Baltic Pixie

The Art of the Baltic Pixie by JJ Jolanta Jasiulionyte


  1. Amazing Art Of publication! very professional and i found it really inspirational and interesting to read! :) Hope to see the finished piece, very well done.x

  2. Hey, love the Initial pose as this loads on my screen... powerful stare :P (this is before i've even looked through the pdf yet :)

  3. Hey, I've spotted some spelling mistakes, maybe run it by Phil?

  4. damn :/ even spellcheck isn't doing a good job these days...

  5. hey JJ :)

    Forgive the nit-picking...

    P 2 'geographical isolation In ancient written...' - should read 'geographical isolation. In ancient written...'

    P 3 'Peasants sheep' - should read 'peasants' sheep'

    P 4

    'anabaptized babies' - should read 'unbaptised babies'.
    'eventually tearing and devour' - should read 'eventually tearing and devouring...'

    P 11 'caries some sophistication' - should read 'carries some sophistication' (also, I'd reconsider the colour of the text on this page, because some of it disappears against the background).

    P 15 'for the purpose of *coming* the flax' - should read 'combing the flax'

    There maybe more in there JJ - so I really suggest you give the copy another comb through and then re-post.

  6. yes, but then you have been rather busy elsewhere... However, it's worth being a total control freak when it comes to your supporting material, JJ - and everything else for that matter! I hope you're working through your other checklist okay :)

  7. oh definitely :] rerendering some masks and those little tweaks of animation. I'm definitely taking yours and Alan's advice and am dealing with little bits and bobs till the deadline comes.