22 Apr 2012

Vaiva's First Expressions

These are Vaiva’s first expressions , having just finished rigging. :]


To create suitable rig for Vaiva it was essential to think about her performance a lot. This guided me through rigging process. It was very clear what type of expressions she’d need most for example, snarly lips, squinty eyes. On the other hand, a very gentle and motherly smile too.


 It has been nearly 3 weeks of rigging Vaiva. Most of the time spent preparing the character for lip-synch and facial animation. 
I am in currently researching animation techniques (Animator’s survival Kit of course) , and references for animation . Also, filming action for animation reference. Soon to come will be a test walk cycle animation.


  1. and already she seems alive, JJ - she reminds me now of the actress Fiona Shaw - can't wait to see that walk-cycle!