28 Apr 2012

Vaiva's Animating Progress

First week of animating has finished, so far I have 18 seconds of animation. Here I add a short glimpse to Vaivas introduction animation. To see clean shape deformation it is rendered out as AO pass (ambient Occlussion)

The rest of planned animating time ( 2 weeks) have the rest of 70 seconds…. However it is far from bad news. Usually getting into animating and solving those last rigging problems, which appear only when controls are used intensively, do eat some time.

Also, I thought this is an interesting fact: A standard length of completed animation per animator, in studios such as Pixar, is 1,5 min maybe 2 min …per year (!) … I suppose therefore everyone in CG Arts who’s in this task of bringing their characters to life during the relatively short time we have left , should take this fact into consideration and in a way have realistic expectations.

Lastly, I feel fully in the mindset for animating and thinking with the character ( Vaiva now appears in my dreams too ) And it seems that couple of scenes are asking for slight modification to work out audience’s distancing to and from the character better.

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