2 Apr 2012

Branding Commission for "D" Event: Creating an Ident

my easter holidays haven't yet really started as I am delivering a commission, but fingers crossed, it will go fine and next week I'll be rambling in Wales! (:]

 I can share some bits of this project.

Aim of the event:
 The main objectives are to create a branded, monthly entertainment event . The events will consist of performers such as magicians and dancers opening the nights, allowing a diverse experience. However all of the events will be focusing on rock and metal music. Elements such as lasers, lighting, smoke will accompany the visual show.

They are asking to design, animate and work out the soundtrack of the ident.

For the sequence to be produced in such a short time and budget the aim was to come up with most economic idea of representing the event and delivering their intentions too.

Essentially I suggested the client a 8-12 seconds long intro sequence to be a sort of flip-book/ pop-up illustration style animation. The characters would be essentially animated in a constricted way , in a sort of South park style (for example,  magician only waves his magic wand ) . This approach asks for a good accompanying soundtrack. I’m also aiming to include some visual effects ( dynamics effects for card scattering to particles, laser show, illusion of flipping book).

Today i've started and come up with  needed characters with their essential props:

 So the plan is to keep the project in a frame of 4 days (3 days to go)  Tomorrow  I'd be work out set design, possibly some props and get characters all rigged for the animating. And if there's any time left, put together a rough soundtrack, which would help alot when animating the ident.


  1. Exciting stuff JJ ! :) PS...I assume you are rambling in 'Wales' as opposed to 'Whales'...that could be messy!! :D

  2. damn my speling! (:D no, it should be Wales :D Thanks a lot Jackie!