12 Mar 2012

CAPS: Product Shooting for Toys Brochure

Given the task to prepare several images for Toy company’s brochure had set particular challenges. It has to be visually engaging and appealing, and fit within commercial shooting standards.
To reach this , experimenting with product’s placement, lighting and techniques of postproduction was put into practice.
Lighting and placement:

For clean aesthetics and focused directing white colorama was chosen for the shoot. This has lead to a very ‘light’ , unencumbered images.

Placement of the product was put into a careful consideration for if the product was placed incorrectly, it  caused some  visual information loss. For example bear-toy and colorama had closely same tone and chroma values , therefore bear almost disappeared in images.

Donkey-toy was  to be used for contrasting.

 Another example was tricycle’s lamp: when facing studio lights directly they would bleach out any texture of the tricycles light bulb.

When Light angles and composition was set , this was the outcome:

For Lighting there was two lights used with one white reflector for softening of the shadows .


Having reached 90% of the quality during the shoot, postproduction asked for minor tweaking of exposure, shadow intensity and colour tints. Some images benefited from slight increase of sharpness, clarity or noise values, for emphasizing fur on stuffed toy’s.

And the rest of images :

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