6 Feb 2012

Visual Inspiration : Costume Design 2 and Fashion Illustration

I'm continuing to explore visual inspirations. UCA's fashion design student have directed me to numerous fashion designers, illustrators and so on. I'm showcasing here the ones I found most amazing.

More importantly, these examples are teaching ways of approaching design , creatin stricking costumes, it is helping to open up the mind when I'll be designing Queen of Pixies.

Garret Pugh

Style.com describes Gareth Pugh as the "latest addition to a long tradition of fashion-as-performance-art. Garret Pugh describes his designs as being about the struggle between lightness and darkness."
Pugh's collections are autobiographical rather than referential, and draw inspiration from Britain's extreme club scene. Pugh's trademark is his experimentation with form and volume, nonsensically shaped wearable sculptures distort the human body almost beyond recognition. He uses materials including mink, parachute silk, electrically charged plastics in his clothing.

Hussein Chalayan

chalayan is an internationally regarded fashion designer who is renowned for his innovative use of materials, meticulous pattern cutting and progressive attitude to new technology. He was educated both in Cyprus and London's Central St Martins college of art and design. Chalayan is inspired by architectural theories, science and technology

Issey Miyake , a Japanese fashion designer, known for his technology-driven clothing designs, exhibitions and fragrances.

Kenzo Takada

Japanese fashion designer has always worked towards a multicultural world, a world of colors and beauty, with nature as a vibrant, inexhaustible source of inspiration. Kenzo’s designs are based on values of life, energy, and a deep-rooted equilibrium.

Felicity Brown

An English-born fashion designer. The fashion magazine Vogue Italia noted: Raw yet refined, her design shows the amazing attention for detail and fantastic creative talent that have marked her career to date.

Another advice from fashion design student was to look at equally amazing and inspiring works of fashion illustrators. I was also looking for ways how designers comunicate their ideas. Often the drawings are not as descriptive, but rather boldly convey the feel of the costume. These is the handfull of fashion illustrators whose drawings didn't lack of character itself:


  1. Hey JJ - see below - a few tweaks, a few additions - a bit of poetic license. I thought you would maybe need to start as if your character has just been asked a question by the viewer - and also, I think it would work nicely if you opened and closed with the same statement. If I've changed the sense in anything too much - just send it back via email. It's a bit longer now (sorry, lip-synching, arrgh!), but I think a voice-over artist would have great fun with this - but you'll absolutely need to give them lots of direction re. performance and character. I thought too, that maybe, getting them to give you some laughter too would be nice - because I can just imagine your piece fading out to black as her laughter rises, then falls into nothing...

    My name?

    My name is Laumu Laume Vaiva and I am Queen of the Baltic Pixies.

    Come dusk, you might see my kind above you in the cradles of branches or hear us chattering like birds in your barns. We shape the mountains high and we dig the wide lakes deep and we weave the shimmer of your rainbows. Under new moons we gather by the riverside and in circles sing - but should any mortal steal a glimpse, well - we’d tickle, tweak and maul the peeper!

    If you’re good, we might leave upon your doorstep bolts of never-ending cloth. If you’re bad, it’s only villainy my sisters bring. And should we come to help with weaving, your spinning wheel will turn unending! But should out of flax you run - your hair we’ll take as yarn, your innards too, and all else, until your nails alone remain.

    Under starless skies, we’ll snatch your baby and where it slumbered leave a Laumikas– a sack of straw out of which a dwarf-child grows, with head big and eyes bigger.

    When all is said and done, you cannot know if we seek to help or harm, but with rowan leaf and the flexing of your little finger, from home and hearth you can seek to keep us – that is, at least, for now.

    My name?

    My name is Laumu Laume Vaiva and I am Queen of the Baltic Pixies…

  2. Whoa, what a twist! :]Much appreciated!
    I'll try and create some lovely email to voiceover artists.