20 Feb 2012

Vaiva's Design Detailing : Face, Hands, Legs,

The decision was to move forward with the developed design without working out 'more excitting' ones, because, actually I the already created one is actually one which was needed. Not to go into too much detail, here is Vaivas close up of the Head:

Essentially, her portrait follows a composition of a spiral , starting from the head it goes all the way to the highlight of the pupils. Her facial features are combining both, typical baltic female's features ( bright blue eyes, very defined cheek-bones, pale skin, blond hair) with those of a chicken ( pointy nose/beak, very large pupils and so on). In general I was aiming for a 30 year old women, both inviting and chilling at the same time.

Her hands are more like tools,  for the purpose of coming the flax, therefore, they are bare to the stone-like bones.

Finally, after receiving some spot-on feedback from Phil and Charlotte, I went back to fix the rooster-like feet. Now they're  following the design language of hands.

Over all, I think these improvements and further developments seem precise to the vision and fulfil the needs of Baltic Pixie (Laume) character. Still in development are the turnarounds.


  1. I noticed this on your work on "Wolves Within" that your attention to detail and design really makes your work stand out.
    Its looking amazing :D