2 Feb 2012

Major Project Idea and Aims

For major Project I’m focusing on a character. The aim is to go through design, modelling, rigging and animating pipeline for an animal-human hybrid. I chose Baltic Pixie for my character.

Pixies are intriguing and ambiguous characters and Baltic Pixie is also referring to my own cultural origins of Baltic nation, which are Lithuanians and Latvians. Following posts will be exploring both Baltic culture and Baltic pixie in greater detail.

After roughly 15 weeks I’m aiming to have an animated short with a Baltic pixie, explaining who she and her kind actually is. A minimal environment of only referred objects will be accompanying pixie’s performance.

So to start with, I took the advantage of reading week and flew to Lithuania for a better research opportunity of the project’s context.

I have talked to country’s best ethnographer Libertas Klimka and will discuss it in later posts.

I’ve visited Palanga Amber Museum, The History Museum of Lithuania MinorKlaipeda Art Exhibition hall

I have also spoken to few Balts history students and acquired the necessary books and other resources. All of the material was invaluable source of inspiration and I can barely wait for following weeks to come.

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