14 Feb 2012

Draft animatic for The Baltic Pixie

I kept the soundtrack and the visual expressiveness to the minimum to capture bare effect of storytelling. This is animatic I consider a draft one , mapping out the basics of The Baltic Pixie character animation. I've chosen Jenny Dunbar's voiceover:

choice for shots is driven by the thought , that it is a character presentation type of animated short. Therefore there is only limited amounts of other objects (such as the moon, rowan leaf, "Laumikas" ) 

There is also a shot, toward the end, where Laume speaks of her kind bringing both, the kind will and villainy, where we don't see the character at all. I though this to be a chance for the soundtrack be manipulated to its max: anchoring from left side to the right side of the speakers. However, I'm looking for a visual idea to represent the line....

I'm sure to revisit and add extra panels to break down the the action even more so soon enough it will serve as a guide for reference-shooting, that is I'd try myself to "act out"  reference material for animating.

1 comment:

  1. Hey JJ - yes, moments of this animatic made the hair on my neck stand up! You know, it just feels to me that the opening shot should simply start in blackness - we hear her speak, before we see her, and then slowly she melts out of the dark, as she walks into the light - arriving in it as she says the last part of her name - just slow, soft, deliberate, confident - and a bit sexy. You know - and I never thought I say this - but it might be worth, for reference - taking a look at Angelina Jolie in Beowulf - just to get some of that sass, but also the stillness.