22 Feb 2012

Blueprints for Vaiva's Character

The turnarounds of Vaiva show  her construction on couple of levels: her body and dressing. Particularly challenging was the side view of the body, side of head and skirt for it is the profile view which uncovers the ambiguity of shapes in her design: the welcoming round shapes triangulating eventually to suggest her more feisty nature.( front view looks much more piecefull , but the side one sharp and wildly dynamic for example)

Her head drawings is a particularly subtle part, which’s characteristics can be hardly captured on blueprints and work instead as brute guidelines.

Another little upload I wanted to draw attention to was the title design for The Baltic Pixie, which I’ve created from scratch. It is supposed to mimic the feeling of a relatively primitive style of Baltic art.

Next in line , I'd say , are her expression and pose  sheets


  1. Hey JJ - what does she have under her skirt? I ask this, because I'm not quite sure how her 'skirt' works when viewed from behind, as right now it looks as if we might be able to see her knickers.... but on your animatic there's a sense of ruffles or folds of material - what's her back view? In regard to the logo - I just think that the 'a' in baltic doesn't quite read as an 'a' - I mean, yes, I understand it as an 'a' - but it keeps snagging my eye. This may just be me, so I'd solicit more opinion. I really like the side views - and she reminds me of one of Erte's women...


  2. I've marked what is under the skirt with a dotted line, a feather-like underskirt.But now I see, it is a good idea to present this clearly in the back view as well, I'll develope it.

    Erte's drawings have that feeling evident in this character too, thanks for the link!

    and you're right about 'a', I admit, it does interrupt the flow. Thanks for the feedback! (:]