6 Feb 2012

Monologue Script of Baltic Pixie - Laumu Laume Vaiva

"Queen of Baltic Pixies, I’m Laumu Laume Vaiva.
Late evenings one can see us sitting in the cobweb of the branches or hear our nattering in barns. Playful curiosities bring us to peasants’ doorsteps where we leave never-ending fabrics if one’s morality is well-kept... but were the peasant of a greedy kind…[what villainy my sisters do!]

Under new moon we gather by the riversides to dance and sing in groups of circles, but dare anyone steal a single glimpse! We’d tickle, tweak and maul the peeper!

We shape mountains, lakes and weave Rainbows - ‘Vaiva Strips’ .When we come to help with weaving, spinning wheels will go fast till breaking dusk! a peasant better bring enough of flax or substitute will be his hair, intestines and everything till nails left!

We switch babies and leave 'Laumikas', a little sack of hay straws instead. It grows into dwarf-child, big eyes and head.

So it is true, there is no certainty if we’re to offer help or cause great villainy , but spray of rowan or flexing pinkies are enough for peasant not to see which it’s about to be, as we’d shall stay away. "

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