10 Feb 2012

Anatomy and Animal References

Burne Hogarth's books Dynamic Anatomy and Dynamic Hands are some best systematisation's of human anatomy. Sculptural drawings leave no gap for imagining the shapes in 3D. My thoughts were to study and use his interpretations of human anatomy instead of photo-realistic ones, as Hogarth's drawings follow anatomy and have this exaggeration/stylisation and well, dynamicism, which is inspiring .

A collection of some references on body parts and female body :

The other artist  is Andrew Loomis. I'm following couple of his books Figure drawing and Drawing the Head and Hands  for tips how to 'build' convincing poses, shapes . I'm already using his advice and I found it is much easier to visualize human body.

Animal references include mainly chickens , but also Dragonflies, cats as these animnals were all linked to Baltic pixie (Laume) in one way or the other. For chickens I've explored a variety of Belgium chicken breeds.

I'll give a day or to for studying references/redrawing them , as an approach for character design suggested by Iain Mccaig.

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