22 Feb 2012

Analysis of Aesthetics for Product Promotion

This post is a homework task for CAP (Commercial Application of Photography)
We are learning a lighting set-ups for glamour advertising ,

the image above is my attempt to present newly-resleased parfume

two soft lights were used to set up the lighting: one from the side and one from the back. Exposure settings were matched to the light measurements taken off the object surface
A , which work is discussed here is Pixpecker agency

A company working on advertising, photo manipulation, retouching worked on Beer “Svyturys” promotion.

The end result is a painted still-life. The scrupulously built set included a sophisticated lighting set up .  Stripes of coloured paper were assembled on one reflecting sheet so to give a highly controlled colour reflections onto the product.

Key features:

Soft shadows,
Rim/contour light,
Emphasized light from side  

The decision to present the product as a traditional media painting adds a feeling for the brand to be coming from a traditional point of view and therefore familiar.

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