19 Jan 2012

Online Professional Presence and Promotional port-folio

 Over the time of self initiated project I was developing an online professional presence, promotional port-folio and Other things like updating showreel and idents, cards etc.

To start from, this project gave a lot of new material to update the showreel with:

For online presence I have revisited every single site I was already registered and created a personal template. Flavicons, automated signatures with links to port-folio, consistent background sheet or a banner was added .

I was already  signed up with such sites like  Youtube, Deviantart, Vimeo and Blogger and created new professional accounts on  Twitter and  CGSociety,

I have chosen to assemble a blog post showcasing my promotional port-folio for its capacity to be updated easily  . Promotional Port-folio required some thought when putting some work together , which I believe to be my best. It is showcasing my 2d designs, some study sketches, Best 3D renders, Animated shorts, Production videos, Work placement and commission work together with employers' references.

Other created  materials would be the animated signature and business card:

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