30 Sep 2014

Breathing Under Water 2

A second batch of storyboard  illustrations for song called Breathing under water by Hiatus Kaiyote. I sense that some 2.5D and 3D warming up is on its way :D

Have a listen, you'll have a lovely 6 minutes..

26 Sep 2014

Guinness World Record Toys for Mcdonalds' Happy Meal

Something I've worked on that I can finally share with the world (only after 2 years of when it was originally worked on  :D). This should be quite a fun range, cause one's supposed to break Guinness World records playing with each item :] 

Take on record breaking challenges here!

17 Sep 2014

Breathing Under Water

These are illustrations for a song called Breathing Under water by Hiatus Kaiyote. Their complex yet harmonized music is inspiring a whole (visual) universe..

I't is a little side project of mine and a collaboration with an awesome illustrator, Sasha. I hope to post way more related stuff near in the future. Including projection visuals, character designs ect. :]

20 Aug 2014

Decora Girl

My attempt at fashion illustration! Recently I have stumbled upon this amazing Japanese street wear style, Decora (check out Phaidon's Fruits) .  These dressed-up teens have some real attitude , too cool! :D  I sketched up this bubbly girl! :] Here is the original reference: 

3 Jun 2014

Think Outside the Box

My graphical interpretation of the abstract and well-overused saying. It served as a development piece for website artwork

2 Jun 2014

Some Sketch Work

I absolutely needed to post something, cause blog hasn't been updated for...a while. These are a few quick study drawings and sketches that I did recently.  I'm pretty happy with these cause the aim was to practice drawing  whilst on lunch break...

6 Mar 2014


It is a little series of portrait paintings I'm working on. I have prepared these to be animated for a short sequence . I'll post it some time soon.

 Inspiration comes from  I holi one colour festival and from  my friend's, Agne Solo, portrait photography. Her work is so inspiring!

For these , I started with  painting the portrait in black and white first. Then, really,  just play with lots and lost of different brushes and colours . One particularly amazing brush was realistic charcoal , by artfus.

It was so fun .

Thanks for coming by :]

5 Mar 2014

Mini & Mo

Some monkey business :] Fairly loose character drawings inspired by this amazing studio website, Deisign, character design advice.  I tried to pay more  attention to contrasting shapes this time.

A friend of mine gave life to his own version of these two guys, check it out at Tom's blog

23 Feb 2014

Audiovisuals, Winter 2014

Here is a sequence of audiovisuals collection. I've been working on it throughout the winter for a couple of events. At the moment I'm thinking how to integrate digital painting too... I'll share some test results at some point I think. Thanks for watching (:]

13 Feb 2014

Bicycle Boards

Cycling to work everyday made me  appreciate bicycles. I  find myself wondering about cycling in general. I suppose that's where the inspiration for this product comes from (and from here).

A though of a new type of ad boards, suited particularly to bicycle frames.  It could serve for advertisement carried out by individuals (cyclists) and not by fat agencies. And you would probably want to promote something meaningful and relevant to you, like social ads or self-promotion...

7 Feb 2014

Munis, a RoboPup

 photo Puppy_robot_munis_giff_zpsc37def7d.gif

Recently I went to Spielwarenmesse a toy fair in Nuremberg.  I saw lots and lots of robot pets, they're definitely trending. Even the tamagotchi's making a return!  But one's I took a note of were, Teksta puppy and Zoomer pup, which won  the award for innovative toy. 

I thought I'd give it a go at designing a more articulated robot dog. And as for the name, it is given after my beloved dog Munis, who sadly passed away very recently.  It's in his image that I have based the character on: upbeat, bubbly and kiddy. Which he was to his very old days.  

P.S. a thanks goes to Tom for encouragement to revisit the design (:]

23 Jan 2014

Sugar and Spice and all Things Nice

And that's what little girls are made of! A nice little old rhyme, which inspired this one.  I've been meaning for quite a while to attempt and design a fashion doll which was cuter  than Bratzillas and with a bit more spice than Kawaii Crush. (:]

18 Dec 2013

Family Portrait for Chistmas Present

I thought a family portrait collage would be the best Christmas gift this year.

With this portrait collage  I was aiming to achieve a strong contrast in light,   painterly strokes and slightly exaggerated volumes so it does feel a bit stylized. The composition nods to the family tree, with my grandparents in the middle, their two daughters branching out with their families each side of their parents.

Overall, it was  a warm and intimate experience, drawing all of the loved ones and getting to know their face in minute detail :]

17 Dec 2013


Here is something, pencil animals! They are a fun way to keep the coloured pencils tidy. Plastic body of an animal holds 4 pencils for legs. Arrange a wild pencil terrain around on your desk :D

I thought the type of plastic surface finish could also allow for drawing fur/skin texture with a simple pen or pencil.

I would sure love to populate my table with a nice range of these...  (:]

2 Dec 2013

Scorched Earth Saturnalia

This time it is  piece of work inspired by Secret Chiefs 3, Album Forms, Scorched Earth Saturnalia. I think the design feels grounded to that particular track, but let me know what you think if you give it a go: