4 Jan 2012

J.J. *Jolanta Jasiulionyte*. The Showcase

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Education received  at UCA, Rochester; course program BA (Hons) CG Arts and Animation.
Through work practice the course gave an overview of project's preproduction, production and postproduction.

But to focus,  I am found  strongest with versatile style in concept/ character design,visual development as well as  modeling, texturing and lighting. Also notable is the enthusiasm in animating.

 This post showcases my involvement with latest project work on animated shorts together with production videos, supporting  concept, character designs and storyboarding. 
 At the end, there is a list of commissioned projects with commissioners' refereces and a list of relevant voluntary involvements. 


Amerindian Wolves - Virtue and Vice
A Character Presentation

The Makinf of Character Design for the Wolves Within by J.J. Jolanta Jasiulionyte

Wolf Study
Wolf Study

Evil wolf concept for The Wolves Within

Character design of the  good wolf for The Wolves Within

Amerindian soul representation for The Wolves Within

3D Concept of Virtue for  The Wolves Within

3D Concept of Vice for  The Wolves Within

*Ivan The Bird*

Ivan The Bird 
Animated Short

Ivan The Bird Character Presentation
Production Video

Colour Keys for Ivan The Bird

Dream Island; Concept Art for Ivan The Bird

The Workshop: Concept for Ivan the Bird animation

Ivan for Ivan the Bird 

Ivan explores the outside world; Render Still from Ivan the Bird

Ivan is about to wake up; Render Still from Ivan the Bird

Ivan Watches The Dream Island; Render Still from Ivan the Bird

The Making of Animated Short IVAN the BIRD 

Character Design of Aliens and Monsters by Jolanta Jasiulionyte
Colour and Light Keys for Life Cycle of Slime Mold

*Commisioned Projects*

Critters Modeling and Texture Design  for Picassopictures Project 

Work Placement @ Picasso Pictures by JJ Jolanta Jasiulionyte

Wittaker's sculpture, commisioned work for sculptor Paula Groves

Dorje Turnaround - Commissioed project for photographer Simon Pruciak


" Jolanta worked diligently as part of a team developing 3d characters for use in animation. She showed great enthusiasm and skill in modelling 3d characters and creative flair in creating her own designs for character textures. Jolanta was very well organised and communicates well with her colleagues. She was also very accurate in her estimations of the time required to do particular models and reliably kept to her schedule. I would not hesitate to recommend her."
James Boty
Creative Director

"Jolanta was a pleasant and friendly addition to the production team at Picasso Pictures. She is a very approachable individual who is not afraid to offer assistance but also keen to learn more to develop her skills. She had a very methodical and focussed approach to the CGI work she was given and believe she will go a long way to reaching her career goals. We would be happy to welcome Jolanta back to Picasso if the opportunity arose."
Inga Johnson
Senior Producer
0207 4379888  

*Relevant Involvements*

Event: Animation Easter School
Dutied carried out: Assisting animation teacher 
Short description: Week long activity was teaching 16 year olds to produce short stop motion add.
Date: 04 2011


Duties carried out: Volunteer 
Short description: Duties included promoting event, running creative workshops, greeting guests and maintaining general order
Employer: Dan Richards,  Creative Director, Animate and Create Studio
Date: 09 2010

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