7 Dec 2011

Wolwes Within Title Opening Sequence

To change the routine of learning quadruped animation I've worked on the title opening sequence. Quite simply , using after effects, I tried to make a nice introduction of the title. Having in mind the animation is talking about intricacies of our mind/soul I tried to build relatively surreal and dreamy feel to the sequence. I suppose,and again, having the title quit early on will be usefull for other videos such as character turnarounds ect.

revisited title :


  1. You know JJ - and don't hate me - but there's something about the adult, sophisticated, rather edgy tone of the film that doesn't somehow suit the branding/font of The Wolves Within - I'd suggest the tone and feel of the film is less 'carved from wood' and 'cosy' - which is implied by the current branding - and is actually moving towards something more minimal and a bit ominous-seeming - it also feels wrong now in terms of colour palette - your world is more cool, blue, black and glow, than 'warm, wood, and soft' - what do you and Leo think?

  2. Jola, i dont think your animation needs an opening title, i think the opening naration is strong enough as it is. I agree with phil, your animation will be sophisticated, and i think an opening title sequence will only hold the power of the words back.

  3. I was going with the idea of use of dark (in the background) for evil wolf, and brigh (the title) for the good wolf. But I see the point of it interrupting the tonality. I'm sure we'll work out some ideas for new title