16 Dec 2011

Wolves Sliding Jump Animation

Sliding jump animations for both of the wolves have reached a decent stage. With these animations I was trying to emphasize the gracefulness and lightness of the good wolf. He jumps high in the air and lands dynamically. For the evil wolf I was emphasizing his heavy mass and an ice-like materiality. Therefore, as he lands down, there is a notable sliding and anticipatory crouching.


  1. My grain of salt. I feel the animation is a bit mechanical and it lacks a good flow. It feels like the object is moving but not on its own, something else is moving it. Now I don't know how far you are or whatever. Also design wise, I love your designs but feel a bit weird about the sort of curls on the white one's neck. They look like cake lining, cream lining or something. Really awesome work though, keep it up!

  2. I can already see the coming hours of refining that. thanks , cause so far I was relying on my own, Tom's and Jono's feedback. That is helpful