22 Dec 2011

Evil Wolf's 3D Concept

the same routine follows again: I bring  3d render of evil wolf and a maquet environment to photoshop and play with things there to make some nice visual representation. Hopefully the "infinite" space is clearly drawn where  his "steam" goes.

 The Progress :

 I have developed the environment  in relatively good detail, but then had to take it back to bring up some theatrical lighting. Possibly these concepts can serve for our animation lighting ideas.

And that would be it from my side :] Time for some proper Christmas holidays :] Family finaly comes at my totaly empty student halls :D
Wish you merry Christmas! :]


  1. Merry Christmas, JJ! :D Go take a rest now...

  2. This is amazing :). Makes me really want to give it a go to :)

  3. Love these Jo! Merry Christmas and have a great News Years in Liverpool.

  4. saw this, thought of you!