7 Oct 2011

Work Placement @ Picasso Pictures: Permitted Publication

Finally James Boty, a director at Picasso Pictures gave the permission to publish project  work I did during those two weeks back in May. Looking back at it, it was an exciting experience, an eye-opener too. I was lucky and happy to have had the chance to meet all the freelancing animators, directors and studio’s producers who truly convinced  and inspired to finish my own creative projects ( Ivan the Bird).
As for this document, it showcases the  pipeline I took for  producing 5 critters. Drawings were done by designer called DJ. I was translating them to 3D models and designing their textures.  The nuance of it was the complexity and details had to be suggested using only the color pass and there the director comes asking to make them transparent-like and so on.

We had to write a diary on our work experience, which can be found here .
 So there it is:
Work Placement @ Picasso Pictures by JJ Jolanta Jasiulionyte


  1. :D Yay! At last you got to show them! They are pretty awesome. I love the textures ^^

  2. I LOVE these, JJ - so fab to see these at last!!! I'm very proud of you :D

  3. Wow! I'm overwhelmed! ((:D Thank you all sincerely (:]