2 Oct 2011

Ormie The Pig (2011) by Arc Productions

"Ormie is a Pig, in every sense of the word. Pig see cookie. Pig want cookie. But they are out of reach... or are they? Ormie attempts to gain the warm sweet taste that is his obsession. "

Arc Productions present an animated short which is a fantastic example of character animation. A pig is trying to get a cookie that is all you see for entire 3 minutes. But precisely because the animation is figured out down to every frame, these 3 minutes doesn’t seem to bore the viewer.

Simplicity in the art direction and editing would be another thing to note. Only what and when it is needed, perhaps this was the key aim: aqua-paint-like background and merely the objects the character is interacting with; story is told mostly in one long take and camera facing front.

Ormie the Pig is quite a charming piece.

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