21 Sep 2011

AMerican Indian Art and Symbology

 This originally is a post for The Wolves Within project. It is taking shape and this is more substantial referencing.

American indians possessed rich and varied culture: from fisherman to agriculturist, susbsistence and buffalo hunters. Within diverse environments thei evolved a spiritual relationship to forses of nature, deep concern for animals, understanding of human responsibilities . The origin of the art motifs result from this relationship and observation of nature.

Traditional pattern work, images of animals, objects cary specific meaning
Totem poles  recount  legends, notable events, celebrate cultural beliefs and are  artistic presentations.

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  1. Hi Jolanta

    Here's some of the CD's etc I was talking about the other day which might help with some inspiration for music for your animation

    Spirit of the Wolf
    Wolf Spirit
    Earth Mother

    These next few are simply songs I've stumbled upon on youtube and have them in my favorites. But they're Native American music so hope it helps

    Oyate Ukiye
    The Wolves