1 Jun 2011

Work Placement Evaluation: An Employers Word

Today I've received and can present evaluation of work placement from employers point of view.
Creative Director, James Boty and studio's producer Inga Johnson , sent their evaluation of my performance during the two weeks time:

"Whilst on a two-week work placement at Picasso Pictures in London during May of 2011, Jolanta worked diligently as part of a team developing 3d characters for use in animation. She showed great enthusiasm and skill in modelling 3d characters and creative flair in creating her own designs for character textures. Jolanta was very well organised and communicates well with her colleagues. She was also very accurate in her estimations of the time required to do particular models and reliably kept to her schedule. I would not hesitate to recommend her."

James Boty
Creative Director
Picasso Pictures

"Jolanta was a pleasant and friendly addition to the production team during her two-week work placement at Picasso Pictures. She was able to integrate seamlessly into the company environment by helping out with the day-to-day running of the production office. Jolanta is a very approachable individual who is not afraid to offer assistance but also keen to learn more to develop her skills. She had a very methodical and focussed approach to the CGI work she was given and believe she will go a long way to reaching her career goals. We would be happy to welcome Jolanta back to Picasso for another placement if the opportunity arose."

Inga Johnson
Senior Producer
Picasso Pictures
0207 4379888

I'm happy to have received it but more importantly, to have had this opportunity.


  1. :D :D :D

    Well done, JJ! Gold dust...

  2. Hi jolanta.

    good you got those evaluation, im wondering if you got mine also?

    thanks Ruben

  3. Hey Ruben ,
    I did ask her, but I thought she sent to you instead. Probably it's best if you write her