15 Jun 2011

Combined Setting and Base set up for Lighting

The sets now are all brought together and are sinking up. I've painted few more texture/transparency maps to make sure all is sticking ( example the far away water edge flows nicely into the sky or the tops of the mountains merge with atmosphere ect.)

Also Alan helped a lot with understanding the lighting set up, how to think about it. To my joy, it looks like its gonna be pretty much hands on when I will actually play with light types and it won't all disappear under heavy tables of maya generated lighting.


  1. Yum yum - looks extraordinary like this, JJ - love that first shot showing the whole set; properly as if you're concept art has come-to-life!

    just a small spelling observation; I think you mean 'synching up' not 'sinking up' :D

  2. I did, I did mean syn-ching-up :D thanks, you're only one of those few who'd give me know I'm doing bulshit-talking :D not like with pre-viz where for two month I was saying it like pre-wiz.. and only then Bob corrected me :D