16 May 2011

Work experience: Picassopictures, day one

 First day in Picassopictures was not without adventures.

Much Like Ruben I also got the chance to meet some outstanding directors and producers of Picassopictures. Steve May,  and James Botey of finkbom, (producer of Zombigotchi),  were two directors  I've got to talk to most, and then work on their projects.

Here is James Botey'sproduced Zombigotchi, some of you will recall it from  Inga Johnson's visit.

Zombigotchi! from Mikey Please on Vimeo.

Here is Steve May's one  phantasmagorical creepfest featuring scary rabbits, ghouls, flying saucers on strings & a cheeky nod to Ed Wood . Animation is winner of The Association of Illustrators Gold New Media award 2010

Rabbits from Steve May on Vimeo.

I had a busy time  interpreting James Botey's chracter designs into 3d models. It was a dialogue with director trying to get his vision - he would come and see the progress and ask for changes. I have to admit, at the beginning I hesitated if I'll do any good, the confidence was long gone, as models had to suit the professional eye now. But my luck was that the project is not reaching its deadline soon  and there was  time.

Also both producers and directors asked not to publish any of the work done for half year. But it all can be shown in unit's presentation at university. 

To my joy I came to discover I'm not the only one doing work placement. There was another guy, Paul, who  also started his practise today. Only differently, he is reporting to only one of the directors, James Botey, whereas I can be approached by any of them, as well as any of the three producers. It was nice to find that I'm not alone there and, like in today's case,  when having problems with maya ect., can ask for help ( those around , directors as well as produser asistants, didn't know maya) .

to mention other things, after few hours of my work I randomly saw John Hannah, an actor for Jon Carnahan's, the anoying brother's character in The Mummy (Stephen Sommers, 1999)  pasing by  the window  in front of me. Also, from  today London is having tube strike started  and  people trafic in some of the lines is just insane, I feel being from the tyniest of villages,  I've never saw so many people per such smal space units...  :D

I was really waiting for the start of this experience as I want to put all of what I have been doing for past two years to the  test. Get the answers wheater this is what I'd imagine it to be and so on.
All in all I didn't feel nervous at all just overwhelmed by first day's experiences  :]



  1. So many adventures (and a celebrity!) on day one! Please give my regards to Inga - I owe her an email. Have fun, JJ :D

  2. Thanks a lot Phil. also I'll pass the word for you tommorow :]