23 May 2011

Week 2 in Picassopictures

I was fortunate enough to start my work placement at a time when one of the directors, James Boty,  brought a new project for production. He came with designs of 5 creatures and briefed me the idea of a game where these characters fit. Last week I’ve finished interpreting designs into 3d models and preparing for texturing.  

That stage of production, though asked a degree of creativity in problem solving, wasn’t particularly creative.  However to the end of the week director asked me to try and figure out creature texturing and gave freedom for my own interpretations.

To make sure nobody’s time is wasted I did initial texturing and showed it to James. 4 out of five got two thumbs up do develope further,  with notes taken down for changes to the last one.

Also director informed today that  these characters won’t have ‘fancy’ shaders ( no special settings for shaders or specular/ bump maps ect.) because of limitations in the game.It means all the complexity has to come from colour map . So today I also worked on one of the creatures detailed texturing aiming to find the balance between level of detail and cartoonyness.  All seemed to work nice and I have a clear standart to work to for for all characters.

to conclude, day ran  even faster than before, I've lost track of  time and found myself really engaged with painting. Also each day contributes to a larger, overarking view of this entire experience and soon enough I'll be evaluating my work placement.

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