14 May 2011

Ivan the Bird, Continuing:

Before my work placement starts in past two weeks I continued on working on the animation. Dream Island is taking shape and colour. A lot is still left to be done: detailed texturing and lighting also some rethinking of the environment, mainly to make it suite the very last shots of animation. But I’m not concerned with that yet as I’d do polishing to the camera views.

test/base texturing:

The island works when seen from a distance. With refined texturing , added animation (windmills, cloth simulations) and lighting I think it would do its job

As for animating. I’ve pushed it for 20 more seconds .  The reached bit was the first culmination in the story, when Ivan supposedly is about to reach the Island. The pace of editing asks for many shots so… those 30 seconds have 16 camera views. Thinks tend to be quite confusing with cameras in postproduction as each has its own ‘name’  and two separate render layers to be stitched (AO and Master layers) together

I guess now I'll have a two weeks break from the project as I'm going to Picassopictures to do work placement. But who nows, I was  thinking to take  files with me and if at times it seemed not too busy I could work on this :] 

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